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Flamingo Travel: the ultimate way to see Vietnam.

If you’re anything like me when you travel, you like to do a little research before your trip. This way, you’ve got some sort of idea what to do/where to go/what to look out for/what to avoid.

Google recommendations, not my search history…

My problem is this: I’ll start the research, and then immediately find myself tumbling down the infinite rabbit hole that is the internet. I tire myself out on things that don’t matter instead of focusing on the important stuff. So I end up abandoning that research for the time being, and either try again later, or just go for it and hope for the best (in other words, I’m easily distracted).


I’m not one of those travelers who makes a rigid itinerary because I like to experience life as it happens, and you miss out on amazing opportunities when you’re too preoccupied with making it to your next scheduled activity (also because I’m lazy, but let’s go with the first one please).

This is why I usually don’t like to have a guide. They cost you more money, plus you have to go at their pace (or the group’s pace). You end up either spending too much time on shit that doesn’t interest you, or even worse, they pry you away from something that needs more of your time.

Between you and me, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that saved me from all of this in Vietnam:


You might already know about Hung, the owner of Flamingo Travel, made famous by my previous Microblog about motorbike shopping in Hanoi.

While Flamingo offers the guided tours like everybody else, they also offer exclusive self-guided tours. Where basically you get to take yourself through this beautiful country with nothing more than a motorbike and a pre-programmed GPS (now everything is on your time)!


Incredible views

Hung has spent decades exploring his home country, and wants to show you the amazing places and roads he’s found along the way. You can forget the worries of planning your routes, so you can spend your time and energy actually enjoying the ride (as long as no chickens or families get in your way).


Offroading optional

They can take care of all your accommodations, so you get to spend your downtime exploring a new place. This beats locking yourself away in a room to Google hotel reviews and try to reserve the best place, for the best price, that works with your route. I’ve done my fair share of this Googling, and I’m exhausted just writing about it.


A personal tour guide right on your handlebars

For all you budget travelers, don’t forget that a GPS for a guide means you forgo the extra costs of paying a guide to take you around for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months (righteous $avings)! Let Hung be the digital tour guide for your whole trip.


Family dinner at the Mojo Dojo

My favorite places we stayed can’t be found online. These are more like word-of-mouth homestays that takes a lucky local to find. But it’s at these places that you’re going to get the best people, places and food (best example here). Don’t believe any of this? See for yourself, and check out our video below!


TL;DR - If you want to take a motorbike around the real Vietnam, Flamingo self-guided is the way to go.

- Embry