"Don't Forget to Bring a Towel"

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The Travel Towel: and why you shouldn’t leave home without it.

Are you planning on doing some traveling? Backpacking? What about staying in a hostel?

If you answered “Yeah” to any of these, and especially if you answered “Yeah” to all three of these, boy have I got a product for you! And no, nobody’s paying me to plug it (yet).

Wanna share a towel with this guy..?

A quick-dry, microfiber travel towel is necessary to your arsenal and let me tell you why:
I like getting wet as much as the next guy, but dripping and shivering in a strange place is not so chill. If you’re like the rest of us humans and you’re into the whole “personal hygiene” thing, showers are the most common scenario for this (but don’t forget: rain, sweat, and swimming have their place too). Most hostels supply bedding, but not towels. And honestly, even if they did, you probably wouldn’t want it touching all your crevices after who knows how many other crevices it’s experienced. I imagine a hostel towel is like a well-seasoned cast iron skillet. No thank you, I’d rather bring my own flavor.

These towels are all over Amazon, they’re not bulky or expensive, and they might just become your favorite travel companion. Pick one up for your next trip and don’t look back.

Pro-Tip: if you’re a “morning showerer”, you might want to consider switching to an “evening showerer”. This gives your towel time to hang overnight, so when you pack, it’s nice and dry. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than packing a wet towel that dampens your other clothes. Wait, there is something worse: when all those damp fabrics mildew!

TL;DR - If you don’t want to drip-dry in an unfamiliar place, don’t forget to bring a towel.

- Embry