Vietnam Hiatus

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Vietnam hiatus: where have we been?

So there hasn’t been any new content for a while, and you’re probably asking yourself where we’ve been?

Haven’t noticed? Sweet, me neither.

We ventured out on our motorbikes on a “4-day” offroad excursion, but we made a friend along the way. Jan, from Frankfurt, joined on the first 2 days, and then convinced us to join him on the first half of his month-long journey around the entirety of Vietnam. We foolishly obliged and changed our plans last minute to accompany him.

Cut to: many hours, kilometers, wrecks and repairs later, we find ourselves in the rainy, foggy mountains of Northern Vietnam. Internet is scarce, as is downtime. More to come later on all the trials and tribulations I’ve just nonchalantly glanced over, provided I survive long enough to share.

For now, we’re taking each day at a time and doing our damndest to stay upright.

TL;DR - We’re riding our bikes through the rain and fog, hoping for the best.

- Embry

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