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Mavic Pro 2

This is the new and improved version of the amazing Mavic Pro. With a much improved camera, flight time, streaming resolution and controller signal, she will bring more depth and sensation to our aerial footage and photography. Like the Mavic, she has already been returned to the factory for repair but I’d call it a small blemish on an otherwise excellent record.


Gopro Hero7 Black

Everything said about the HERO6 also goes for the HERO7, with the addition of a most enticing upgrade: in-camera stabilization! This upgrade truly changes the game as far as your film’s smoothness and overall quality, and is easily now my go-to for a point-and-shoot camera that will withstand the elements alongside me. Just be careful and make sure you aren’t filming in 4:3 or the in-camera stabilization does not work! (learned that the hard way)

Mavic Pro (retired)

This little drone is the Bee's Knees (and I don't just say that because she sounds like an angry beehive when she lifts off). While her functions are intuitive and easy to learn, she captures incredible footage from a new perspective that you would have missed out on otherwise. MVP is short for Mavic Pro.

Update: Sold and upgraded to the Mavic Pro 2


GoPro Hero6 Black (Retired-ish)

As far as impulsive point-and-shoot cameras go, this is my favorite so far. When you go with no extra attachments, it's tiny enough to throw in your pocket and come with you everywhere. Now a 4K video is always just a click away! The screen is ideal for checking your work, and making sure you have what you want in frame. Time-lapse, Night Mode, Long Exposure, Uploading Media, Generating content; none of it has ever been easier.

Update: Now that the HERO7 has been released, this camera has adopted more of a ‘back-up’ role (but an awesome one at that!)


The DJI OSMO Handheld is a great piece of camera, if only it didn't have so many pieces... If you have the time (or the foresight) to set this camera up with all of its attachments, you'll get some excellent quality content. If quick shots on-the-go is more your style, I would recommend continuing your search.


Gopro hero session

I picked up this little Session on Cyber Monday for a great price. While the hardware does not compete with its larger & newer counterparts, its small size makes it an ideal support camera. Need an extra camera angle but don’t want to break the bank for it? The Session has your back.

Update: Hot Wheels sells a little flat-bed car for $1 that is intended for the Session. For an extra buck, the possibilities with this little guy are endless!


Here you can find a list of basic backpacking gear that we use to make everyday travel a bit easier. 

Embry's Backpack

The Osprey Farpoint 55 is a time-tested, trusty old pack that I have relied on for multiple lengthy trips. The removable daypack is a game-changer for excursions and days out on the town when lugging your main pack isn't an option. I also like to use the main pack as a carry-on duffel on those shorter trips.  


Compression PAcking Cubes

Packing cubes are the best way to keep a larger bag organized while keeping all your socks in one place. They can be a bit annoying to keep up with, but you'll thank yourself when you need to find something quick. If you're already getting some cubes, you might as well grab some that compress to save all the room you can.

Matador Drybag

It’s hard to state how important compressibility is when you reduce your worldly possession’s down to one backpack. With 24L of waterproof capacity, this backpack cover’s all your daily needs and compresses down to the size of your palm. Just big enough to hold a MacBook Pro, Mavic Pro 2, Osmo+ and External HDD’s when you’re on the run.


Patagonia Houdini

A lightweight windbreaker/rainjacket that rolls up nice and compactly into its own chest pocket? Don’t mind if I do! It’s a great option for saving space and weight in your bag, with a function that will always come in handy when the weather picks up. When it’s all packed neatly zipped into its pocket, I’d say it’s about the size of a regular iPhone box, but it can be mashed and formed into whatever shape suits your needs (or bag). Between you and me, let’s just say the Houdini lives up to its magical name.

Chase's Backpack

The Nomatic 40L backpack is roomy and waterproof, but the convenient pockets are the real lifesaver for access to different sized items on-the-go (save yourself from digging for your passport in front of TSA).


Bluffworks Travel Pants

Bluffworks makes clothing specifically designed for travelers/backpackers. Their Chinos are lightweight, quick-drying, wrinkle resistant, stain-resistant, and smell-resistant, all complete with special hidden zipper pockets to throw off any would-be pickpockets. I have used their pants for many months (collectively) whilst trekking through Europe and Southeast Asia. That being said, I was always aware of my surroundings and didn’t rely solely on the hidden pockets. I’ve owned a pair of the Original pants, and a pair of the Chinos, but I prefer the Chinos for the fit and the fabric. I love these pants so much I purchased some shorts as well.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 3.27.38 PM.png


The following is a collection of electronics and gadgets we use to make our lives easier.

UE Roll 2

This little guy has a big bark for his small stature. Now add the fact that he's waterproof and has a bungee strap on his back for portable mounting? Sign me the f@#k up!

PS: the more the merrier; so link up with other UE Roll 2's for surround-sound tuneage!

Macbook pro

Not much more to say here.

It's a Love/Hate relationship.

Love it when it works, want to throw it out the window when it chooses to not work.

But that’s most technology anyway, right?

Gear Ties

This simple little invention has changed the way I solve many problems while I’m on the road. Think: twist-ties with a grip. From keeping your cords organized, to hanging a lantern in your campground, to repairing your bag itself, these nifty little guys always find a way to be useful as hell. Never leave home without a few!

Portable Power Bank

When you're constantly on the go, you need to keep some extra juice with you. There are plenty of options and sizes for these battery packs, but it ultimately depends on how often you'll be able to charge it back up. If you can recharge daily, a giant one isn't necessary. If you need to go a few days between charges, splurge for size up.



Come take a look at some of our dumber purchases.

Falkor in the flesh. Click  here  to see him in action!

Falkor in the flesh. Click here to see him in action!

1982 Wayne International School Bus

Purchased in Fontana, California off of Facebook Marketplace. We attempted to drive this beast up the Pacific Coastal Highway in September 2018. She made it as far as Carmel-by-the-Sea before her fuel line caught fire. So she was towed to Salinas where she was “fixed up” until we went back to get her at the end of October in 2018. We drove her through California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. Now she is being stored on a plot of land in Aurora, Colorado. Check out the Travel Silly map to see Falkor’s journey! Hint: look for the Bus icon in USA.


  • 50 feet long

  • 12-liter International Diesel Engine

  • Automatic transmission

  • 44 passenger capacity (before seats were removed)

  • 2 axels with 6 tires

  • 2 emergency exit doors

  • 1 massive headache

The noble Vietnamese steed.

The noble Vietnamese steed.

2016 Honda Xr-150L

We purchased two of these beauties from Flamingo Motorbikes in Hanoi toward the end of November 2018. While we didn’t have much prior experience on motorcycles, these bikes are easy to get the hang of, and have treated us well so far (we’ve both survived our many spills). We plan to take them all through South East Asia. They made it through Northern Vietnam, now we will head south through Laos and Cambodia, hook through Thailand and maybe Malaysia, then see if we can make it all the way down to Singapore. Check out the Travel Silly map to see where we’ve taken them already! Hint: look for the Motorbike icon in Vietnam.


  • 150cc engine

  • 5 speed manual transmission

  • Air-cooled Four-Stroke

  • 1.2 liter engine

  • 12 liter fuel capacity (20km per liter)

  • Front and rear suspension

  • Extended luggage rack

  • Survives accidents

The lovely Bavarian lady.

The lovely Bavarian lady.

1986 BMW R80


  • 600cc engine

  • 5 speed manual transmission

  • 12 liter fuel capacity (20km per liter)

  • Ural sidecar w/ windshield

  • Cargo Storage

  • Dual Exhaust

  • Room for friends

  • Better workout than a Shakeweight

We bought this gorgeous girl in Germany, at the end of June 2019. She’s the ride of choice to explore as much of Europe as possible. So far she has seen the German MotoGP at Sachsenring Circuit, followed by Prague, the Stolowe Mountains of Poland, and then Krakow before she got smashed up. Now we’ll see if Poland can revitalize her so she can see the light of day once again. Check out the Travel Silly map to see her route! Hint: look for the Motorbike icon in Europe.